Adrian Thibault – Arena Stream Representative

I am looking forward to working with the RFP board and trying my best to help the arena professionals with their issues or at least helping them access the resources that will help. Ultimately, I am volunteering with RFP to try and make the industry, which I love, but can be challenging at times, an […]

Ian Stephens – Associate Representative

I volunteer for the AARFP because it allows me to pay it back to a wider community in a positive way. My goal is for  AARFP to continue to the lead the way in recreation facility growth, operation, training, education, and management. Fun Fact: You are more likely to find me out and about in […]

Umesh Chand – Park & Sport Fields Representative

Park & Sport Fields

There are so many reasons why I volunteer with AARFP, the two that stand out the most for me are to help build a strong organization in the recreation industry with my expertise in the parks department, and to build healthy relationships with organizations throughout the region by providing any advice, support and education to […]

Andrew Jones – Client Services Representative

Client Services

I volunteer with RFP to give back to an organization that provides the tools to industry professionals to provide quality recreation services. A goal that I have for the organization is to expand the client services stream to include training for those that are wishing to advance their careers in recreation services. A fun fact is that when I am […]

Chad Glasser – Building Maintenance Representative

I volunteer for the AARFP, so that I can give back to the industry that has taught me so much. One of my goals for the organization is to foster a positive and successful relationship with individuals and organizations throughout the province. Some fun facts about myself is that I have a Zamboni Tatto.

Daniel Robinson – Aquatic Representative

I am volunteering on the board of directors for the AARFP to work with an amazing group of professionals to ensure our organization keeps meeting the needs of recreational operators. Being on the board is a great resource for expanding my personal development and career path. Having a goal to improve the AARFP brand while […]

Aaron Singh – Secretary/Treasurer

I started volunteering for AARFP about 20 years ago. There was a need to fill a position as the person who was involved was looking to move on.  The timing worked out as I wanted to get more involved.  I really enjoyed the people I worked with as well as the involvement we had in […]

Sonia Dodd – President

I volunteer for AARFP because of the mission and vision of the organization. Through education and advocacy, there many recreation facilities in the province of Alberta that can operate more safely and efficiently. My goal is to have AARFP education known and wanted within all of Alberta. Fun Fact: I love camping and I am […]