Training Alberta's Recreational Leaders


AARFP has recognized some incredible individuals this year! People who have dedicated themselves to recreation operations have been highlighted at the AARFP Annual Awards Banquet during the 2023 Conference this year. 2024 is creeping up on us, so nominate your co-worker, supervisor, fellow student or volunteer that tirelessly devotes their time to the recreation industry in the next year. Let’s celebrate and recognize their work at the 2024 AARFP Conference. 

The Don Moore Scholarship

2023 Winner: Siri Nelson

The Don Moore Scholarship award of $1,500.00 is available to an Alberta student completing any year of studies in a recognized program for the operation of recreation services at an Alberta post-secondary institution. The student demonstrates excellence in their course grades, as well as personal qualities, that would indicate the promise of success in the recreation field. The student is not required to be a member.

The Lloyd Smith Instructor of the Year Award

2023 Winner: Chris Biensch

The Lloyd Smith Instructor of the Year Award recognizes a current instructor with the association who, through their actions, goes over and above to show their commitment to their students and the association. The award recipient must be a member in good standing with the Association. Any student or fellow instructor in good standing can nominate an instructor for this award.

William Metcalfe Award

2023 Winner: Jeff Schmidt

The William Metcalfe Award acknowledges an individual, group or organization who has/have made a significant contribution in the field of recreation facility operation and management or facility design. Contributions may include examples such as an invention or development of equipment or accessories, outstanding volunteer effort, or a significant effort in the area of research.

Memorial Plaque

Rob McIllwraith

The Memorial Plaque is to honour members of the association who have passed away and are recognized by fellow members for their contribution to the betterment of recreation.

Bruce Fowlow Memorial Facility Operator of the Year Award

2023 Winner: Gillian Campbell

The Bruce Fowlow Memorial Facility Operator of the Year Award is presented to an individual, or group of individuals, who has/have made a significant contribution to the operation and management of recreation facilities within the Province of Alberta.

Charles Mousseau Associates' Award

2022 Winner: Jason Rolfe (IMI)

The Charles Mousseau Associates' Award is presented to an Associate Member, for an individual or company demonstrating a positive contribution serving the membership. The recipient will have demonstrated a consistent, positive approach to providing consultative services, product promotion and customer satisfaction.

Award of Merit

This award is presented to AARFP Individual or Associate Members nominated for their outstanding and meritorious contribution toward the association’s goals and objectives. Nominees must have completed a total of six or more years of volunteer service. If a volunteer has worked on a special project, but does not meet the six-year requirement, the AARFP Past Presidents committee may make a special exception providing the vote is unanimous.
Email The Office To Nominate

Certificate of Appreciation

2023: Mike Tajiri, Karlee Ascione, Sunni Belle, Andy Carroll, Garry Taylor, Kevin Hiraga

This certificate is presented to AARFP Individuals or Associates, an organization, club, or municipality nominated for their contribution to the association. Examples would be to acknowledge conference committee members. Nominated by the AARFP Board of Directors.

Presidential Chain of Office

The Presidential Chain of Office is a medallion of the association's logo hanging on a neck band displaying brass name plates of each of the association presidents and year(s) they served in office. The President's Chain of Office is worn by the sitting president of the Association. Each AARFP Past President who has served at least one full year, is also presented with a Past Presidents Chain. This memento is passed on by the outgoing president to the newly elected president.

Executive Pin

The executive pin is presented to individuals who have served on the AARFP Board of Directors for a period of two consecutive years or who have accumulated three years of service. It is for recipients who have made a positive contribution fulfilling specific duties and had 80% attendance at AARFP Board Meetings.

Honorary Life Award

This award is presented to an AARFP Individual Member who has previously been awarded the Award of Merit or the Charles Mousseau Associates Award and completed at least 10 years of volunteer service in the association as a member in good standing. The award is presented to an individual in recognition of special and valuable contributions deemed to be exceptional benefit to the Association. The recipient of this award assumes AARFP Life Membership in the association without annual dues and retains their voting privileges in accordance with the Articles of the Association Bylaws.
Email The Office To Nominate

Long Service Awards

This certificate is presented to AARFP Members in good-standing who maintained a long service membership in the association. Recognition is given after 10 years and in 5 year increments provided the membership is continuous.  Historical data is difficult to track and discrepancies are possible. Please contact the office if you have concerns. 

Please Note

  • The calculations are based on continuous membership. If you missed a year of membership, the calculation starts over.
  • The award is presented after the year it was completed. If you reached your 10 years of continuous service in 2023, you will be recognized in the 2024 year.

Deadline For Nominations/Submissions: February 15th of Each Year

The Past Presidents’ Committee is responsible for choosing all award recipients from the submitted nominations for each award. All nomination forms are available on this page.

For more information, please contact:
Rob Pelletier, AARFP Past President

Student Achievement Awards

Nine Scholarship Achievement Awards are presented annually to AARFP members, and are based on top marks in each course. If there is a tie for the top mark in a course, the immediate AARFP Past President will contact the students involved and ask them to submit an essay. A winner will then be chosen by the AARFP Past Presidents’ Committee based on the submitted essays. All award winners will be notified by the immediate AARFP Past President.

The Award recipients receive a plaque, free registration to the AARFP conference to accept the award, a banquet ticket for a guest, and a cheque for $250. The presentation is made at the annual awards banquet during the conference.

  • Swimming Pool Operator Level 1
  • Swimming Pool Operator Level 2
  • Arena Operator Level 1
  • Arena Operator Level 2
  • Parks & Sports Field Operator 1
  • Parks & Sports Field Operator 2
  • Building Maintenance Level 1
  • Building Maintenance Level 2
  • Leadership Skills


The Certificate of Recognition is presented to individuals who have achieved the highest marks in any of the associations’ sponsored training courses.

Achievement Award Pool Operator Level 1

 Isobel Jones

Achievement Award Pool Operator Level 2

Sherry Webber

Achievement Award Arena Operator Level 1

Lovedeep Sangha

Achievement Award Arena Operator Level 2

Brett Oman

Building Maintenance Level 1

Glenn Hernandez

Building Maintenance Level 2

Jeff Stevens

Achievement Award Parks Level 1

Jamie Kaiser

Achievement Award Parks Level 2

Jamie Kaiser

Achievement Award Leadership

Joshua Koke

Past Winners

Interested in viewing the history behind AARFP awards? Click below and view the past recipients of the awards.