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Alberta Recreational Grants

There are various funds and grants available for recreational facilities and communities. However not many facilities or individuals are taking advantage of these opportunities, or don’t know about them. Use the resources that are available to you! Remember, provincial and federal grants CAN be stacked!

To help you, we have listed external funding and grant opportunities from the government, corporations, non-for-profits, and other organizations that are specific to recreation and facilities. 

This list is being constantly updated and if you have any questions or recommendations, make sure you email us!

Green Municipal Fund

This fund is focused on energy reduction, and is open until 2024. This includes refrigeration plants, rink floors, air handlers, boilers, solar.

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Deep Retrofit Accelerator Initiative Grant

This grant is open until 2024. The focus is to facilitate the deep retrofit of buildings.

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Recreation Energy Conservation Program

This grant is opening in 2023! Up to 75% of equipment & installation costs were funded, and that includes refrigeration plants, rink floors, boilers, solar, etc.

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The Community Facility Enhancement Program (CFEP) provides financial assistance to upgrade, purchase, repair, renovate, expand or even build public-use community facilities in Alberta. You are able to obtain financial assistance up to $125,000. There are three annual deadlines.

The Canada-Alberta Job Grant provides funding to help employees and unemployed Albertans to get training. AARFP Courses qualify! RFP has assurance that our members can combine the AARFP regular 16 hour courses to equal that 24 hours, and therefore, their employers will still qualify for this grant.

The Community Initiatives Program (CIP), provides assistance to non-profit organizations with new programs, enhancement to an existing program, community events, technology, gender equity projects, etc.  

The Fortis Alberta grant is provided to projects that include planting trees and shrubs in community gardens, and park areas, downtown beautification projects, naturalizing an area or creating energy efficiency.

The Community Champions Program Partners is being updated. Stay tuned for more information.

The Choosewell Grant provides funding of up to $5, 000 to the promotion and improvement of healthy eating and active living opportunities in the community.

The Canada Cultural Spaces Fund (CCSF) is a fund created to help improve the physical conditions for professional arts and heritage sites, and to increase and improve the access Canadians have in regard to arts and culture. This is applicable to not-for-profit organizations, not-for-profit arts/heritage organization, provincial/territorial government and municipal administrations.