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The Alberta Association of Recreation Facility Personnel (AARFP) is a member-driven, not-for-profit organization who is dedicated to providing excellence in training and professional development for individuals involved in the operation of recreation facilities. By becoming an AARFP Member you will gain access to training designed for recreation, conferences, and consultation. You will learn how to optimize safety, comfort, and the enjoyment of your facility. Help build and support a network of recreation professionals in Alberta. To register for a course, you must be a member FIRST. 

Individual Membership

Any individual employed or interested in the field of recreation facility management or operation.

Annual: $105 + GST
After June 30th: $52.50 + GST
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Associate Membership

Any agency or commercial organization having related objectives and goals to the Association or provide services and/or products to AARFP members.

Annual: $341.25 + GST
After June 30th: $170.63 + GST
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Student/Senior Membership

Any student (post-secondary, high school, junior high) or senior (65 years and older) interested in the field of recreation.

Annual: $25 + GST
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Facility Membership

Available to public and private recreations facilities. This allows five facility staff to become members. All five staff members must be identified up front (non-transferable and you cannot add members later than the application date).
Annual: $441 + GST
After June 30th: $220.50 + GST
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