Training Alberta's Recreational Leaders

Helena Milovic – Marketing and Communication Manager

AARFP is an amazing organization that helps support communities, individuals and companies in the recreation industry. I’d love for the AARFP to become the hub for recreation, to help and support the recreation community, and assist in the creation of new courses. I love coffee!

Maren Tryon – Education & Development Manager

AARFP has quickly become my favourite job! The atmosphere in the office, and being able to connect with members all over the province really is what keeps us going day after day. I would love to see AARFP continue to grow, offer more courses, NEW courses, and meet the needs of our members in new […]

John Napier – Technical Director

First word that pops into my mind when I think of AARFP…..FUN, this is why I choose to work here.  Having been a member, instructor, and now staff member of this organization on-and-off over the past 25 years, I can’t help but think back on all the great connections I have made with like-minded people.  […]

Chris McKenna – Executive Director

Executive Director

I work for AARFP because the Association excels at teaching facility operator courses and has the ongoing emphasis on the importance area of networking. My goal is for the AARFP to continue on becoming a “place” that all can come and meet new people and learn about facility operations. Fun Fact: I got engaged during […]