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Summer Leisure Lines

Summer Leisure Lines

Leisure Lines is a quarterly newsletter/magazine that contains recreational news, insights into the alberta recreation industry and the latest technologies and innovations in the recreation industry. 

All current members with a valid email address on file at the RFP Office will be notified by email when the publication is available.

Are you interested in reading about: 

  • Naturalization as a management technique used for green spaces. Which includes learning about gathering participants, funding and the challenges and successes you might face.
  • The less obvious ways to reduce your chlorine consumption, and how pool cover hygiene can impact chlorine?
  • Have you ever wondered about the impact noise has on recreation facilities (and malls too)!
  • The best and funniest Conference Highlights.
  • As a woman in recreation, have you ever wanted tips, advice, or mentorship? We have a thoughtful and stunning article that’ll inspire you.
  • Documenting an Integrity Management System may sound daunting, but with this article it’ll make it a breeze to complete and continue.
  • Have you considered how Building Automation Systems impact the efficiency of rinks? 

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