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Alberta Ice Rink Survey
Posted October 18, 2022

The purpose of this survey is to collaborate with indoor ice arenas across Alberta in an attempt to gather, share, and discover ice-making techniques, maintenance practices, and operational data.

RFP intends to publish the results on a yearly basis for the benefit of industry professionals such as yourself. Those familiar with their ice making practices will take about 15 minutes to complete the survey.

Member Survey Results

Thank you to everyone who participated in our membership survey! The information from this survey will be used to provide insights into the AARFP memberships structure and how we can make improvements. We had 105 people respond, and the winner of the $25 Amazon Gift Card was Mark Kastiro from Rainbow Lake! Congratulations Mark! Click here to see the membership results

Leisure Lines Newsletter

Leisure Lines is the official newsletter of the Alberta Association of Recreation Facility Personnel, published four times per year. To contribute articles, please contact the Editor at the AARFP office.AARFP publishes a quarterly newsletter, Leisure Lines. This is a great publication that helps keep those in the Recreation Facility industry informed on the latest technologies and innovations in the industry. If you are not yet an AARFP member, please join today, as members also have access to the archives of previous issues.

All current members with a valid email address on file at the RFP Office will be notified by email when the publication is available. If you have not received an email advising you of this, and you are a current member of RFP, please contact office@aarfp.com.


What's in the latest issue?

  • Safety Recreation Facility Operator Certifications
  • New Trends in Indoor Artificial Turf Industry
  • Proper Sound System Design for an Arena Click here to log into your membership account.
  • Leveraging Grants for Great Ice, Improved Safety, and Going Green
  • Daily Recordings for Annual Shutdown Plans
  • Digitizing Recreation Systems
  • Benefits of Proper Drainage
  • The Facility Logbook
  • And more!

OHS eNews - Special edition - Returning to the Workplace
Posted June 30, 2021

As Alberta enters Stage 3 of reopening and COVID-19 restrictions are reduced, people are returning to the workplace. With changing pandemic-specific conditions, the hazard assessment must be reviewed and updated. Here's the latest from Occupational Health and Safety (OHS).

COVID-19 Municipality Update
Posted June 24, 2021

Forums such as a weekly call with municipalities provides clarity around the intent of orders and supplementary guidance. June 16, 2021 Municipality Update

Community Sport Participation "RESTART" Grant Program
Posted April 6, 2021

Makadiff Sports, a privately funded provincial not-for-profit organization, is pleased to announce a "Community Sport Participation RESTART Grant Program" (RESTART Program) to assist the Alberta community sport sector for purposes of rebuilding and restarting community sport participation development endeavors throughout the province - to pursue a positive, inclusive landscape that promotes opportunities for healthy, lifelong engagement with sport.

Recreation Energy Conservation Program
Posted March 18, 2021

Save money by reducing energy use and greenhouse gas emissions from your municipality's recreation facilities. Recreation facilities typically use more energy and produce more greenhouse gas emissions than other municipal facilities. Implementing energy efficiency retrofits will:

  • Identify energy-saving opportunities,
  • implement energy-saving projects, and
  • shape healthier lives in your community.

Municipalities and community-related organizations are able to access up to $750,000 for all projects. No municipality is too big or too small to participate.

More Information Here

RFP Courses Are Running!
Posted March 4, 2021

The Provincial Government's "Path Forward" and how this transcends to the RFP course(s) does allow RFP to provide training in recreation facilities. Under the current Health Order (04-2021) in place we are able to offer certification/recertification courses.

For your reference, click here for the current Public Health Order. Please refer to page 9, Section 43 and point (n) which states we are able to access facilities (which would otherwise be closed) in order to certify/recertify staff. This sections states:

Part 7- Businesses and entities:
43. Section 42 of this Order does not prevent a place of business or entity listed or described in sections 1 and 3 of Appendix A from being used:
    (n) as a location for educational, professional or employment examination or certification activities, including but not limited to a location where recertification training or exams may occur;

As we are seeing a significant demand for staff training/certification courses, RFP is pleased we are able to continue offering courses under the current Health Orders. Should this change at anytime, we will inform our course hosts, students and general membership.

If you have any questions/concerns about RFP's COVID-19 procedures, please do not hesitate to contact office@aarfp.com. Our classes will be set up with 2 metre distancing in place and all health regulations will be followed.

Hockey's Path Forward
Posted February 16, 2021

Hockey Alberta has developed a plan to help their Member organizations and Teams structure activity and keep players engaged in the game while adhering to all government guidelines. The plan focuses on providing a hockey experience for players using development programming. This plan reflects the most recent information published by the Government of Alberta in its 'A Path Forward', and focuses on the safety and well-being of all participants. Details here

Leisure Lines is the official newsletter of the Alberta Association of Recreation Facility Personnel, published four times per year. To contribute articles, please contact the Editor at the AARFP office. Leisure Lines Available to Non-Members
Posted January 6, 2021

AARFP publishes a quarterly newsletter, Leisure Lines. This publication provides standards for operation and management, and the latest innovations in the recreation industry. The AARFP Board has recently decided a current RFP Membership is no longer needed to access this valued resource! To access archived issues of the publication, you will still need to have a current RFP Membership!

All current members with a valid email address on file at the RFP Office will be notified by email when the publication is available. If you have not received an email advising you of this, and you are a current member of RFP, please contact office@aarfp.com.

Upcoming Recreation Grants
Posted September 9, 2020

Sport Calgary is happy to remind us of deadlines for various Government of Alberta grants that will help our communities.

  • CIP Project based grant - Supports non-profits in their work to rebuild social connections in Alberta's communities and support Alberta's recovery.
  • Community Facility Enhancement Program (CFEP) - Small Funding Stream provides financial assistance to acquire, build, purchase, repair, renovate, upgrade or expand sports, recreational, cultural or other related public-use community facilities.
  • Sports Participation Support Program - provides financial assistance to not-for-profit organizations towards the development and operation of projects or programs.

ARPA Labour Market Project
Posted August 10, 2020

Alberta Recreation and Parks Association, in collaboration with several of their partners have been leading a sector led project on the Alberta recreation and parks industry. The Alberta Recreation and Parks Industry Labour Market Project was conducted to position the recreation and parks industry in assisting stakeholders in their development and conducting industry based human resource plans and decisions to ensure employee skills are being met and maintained.

Please utilize the information presented in the project to improve your human resource capacity and achieve better staff recruitment, retention and succession planning practices specific to your respective organization type and size. For more information, click here.

Ammonia Refrigeration Systems
Posted June 5, 2020

ABSA has published the AB-538 - Integrity Management System Requirements for Mechanical Refrigeration Systems Containing Ammonia.

The Administrator for pressure equipment in the Province of Alberta has also published the supporting Enabling Information Bulletin. Both documents are linked below for your convenience and can be found at www.absa.ca. This document details the mandatory requirements for ammonia refrigeration systems in Alberta and is applicable to all recreational facilities, rinks, arenas etc that use ammonia as the refrigerant. If you have any questions regarding the document, please contact your local ABSA Safety Codes Officer.

Public Aquatic Safety Standard February 2020
Posted May 7, 2020
This is just a friendly reminder to check out the updates for Safety Standards at: www.lifesaving.org.

Ammonia Training Through ABSA
Posted November 21, 2019
Currently there is no mandated ammonia training/refrigeration operator requirements in Alberta (either one time or ongoing). However, an employer needs to prove competence. See attached link from ABSA with some information. Be sure to expand the overview tab. Overview, Certification Info, and Exam Requirements Here

Anti-Entrapment Compliance Plan
Posted March 23, 2019
Alberta Health Services, Environmental Public Health has released the following documents to help public swimming pool owners and agents assess the entrapment risk in their facilities and comply with the anti-entrapment requirement of the Pool Standards, July 2014 (amended January 2018).

Due to the complexity and specialized knowledge needed to assess the equipment required for anti-entrapment, the owner or their agent may contract the services of a suitable professional or professional engineer to complete the anti-entrapment documentation. Documentation provided by the service professional and/or engineer should be included with the anti-entrapment plan.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss please contact the following:

Toxic Gas Safety Guidelines for Municipal Arena Operations in Alberta
Posted October 2, 2018
Alberta Municipal Health & Safety has just released its Toxic Gas Safety Guidelines for Municipal Arena Operations in Alberta. This is a guideline with basic information for Alberta Municipalities with arena operations where there may be potential for exposure to toxic gases. Please share this with your workmates.

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