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Deadline for all nominations/submissions is February 15th each year.

Award Recipients
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Pinnacle sells Tabex Pool and Lectranator Salt Chlorine Generators.

CIMCO Refrigeration specializes in the engineering, design, manufacture, installation and service of industrial, process cooling and recreational refrigeration systems.

Automated Aquatics Canada Ltd is a provider of Swimming Pool Equipment & Supplies products/services in Edmonton Alberta, Canada.

Startec Refrigeration, Compression, Process Solutions - designs, builds and maintains the mission critical compression and refrigeration systems that drive production and profitability for refrigeration and oil and gas.

W.E. Greer Ltd is a leader in commercial and industrial cleaning equipment and supplies.

Industrial Machine Inc. (IMI) is a distributor of municipal and contractor equipment. Ice resurfacers, road sanders, snow plows, snow blowers, and more.

Established in 1910, McElhanney is an employee-owned company that provides surveying, engineering, GIS & remote sensing, community planning, landscape architecture, and environmental services.


Scholarship Achievement Awards are based on top marks in each course. Click here to see more photos on our Facebook page. LONG SERVICE AWARDS
It's been a difficult few years, and we are really excited to be back together for the 2022 Annual Conference and Trade Show. During this event, we also host the Annual Awards Banquet to honour those working diligently in the recreation industry as well as our members' long service. We are organizing our historical records as we speak and although we feel organized, we know there are possibilities of discrepancies concerning years of service. As such, please take the time to review the provided list for 2019, 2020, and 2021. Please don't hesitate to contact communications@aarfp.com as soon as possible should you feel there needs to be any corrections made.

Please note:

  • The calculations for this recognition are based on continuous membership. If you have missed a year since your first year of membership, the calculation starts at the first continuous year after the break.
  • The award is presented after the year it was completed. For example, if you reached your 10 years of continuous service in 2021, you will receive the award in the 2022 year.

LONG SERVICE AWARDS 2019, 2020, 2021

If you are on this list, you should have already received an email to notify you. For the 2022 year, the 10 & 15 year long service awards will be honoured at lunch on Monday, April 25th, and the 20, 25, & 30 years will be honoured at the Banquet on April 26th.

We are looking forward to being able to honour our award winners for 2019, 2020, and 2021 at the 2022 conference. Because we are fitting 3 years of awards into 1 year, the Long Service Awards, with the exception of the 30, 35, 40, & 45 year awards, will be honoured at Lunch on Monday.

The AARFP Board met to discuss options for the Award Banquet in detail due to the inability to host a Conference in 2020 & 2021. After a lengthy and thoughtful discussion, the Board has decided to move the awards program for 2020 & 2021 to the 2022 Annual Conference/Awards Banquet.

RFP plans to capture what was lost in 2020 & 2021 at the 2022 Conference and Awards Banquet by:

  • All 2019 award recipients that would have been recognized at the 2020 Awards Banquet will be recognized at the 2022 Awards Banquet;
  • There will not be a new set of 2020 awards recognized in 2021 unless it's an award that did not have an award winner from 2019;
  • The 2022 Awards Banquet will recognize the 2020 and 2021 Student Achievement Awards collectively as there have been fewer courses offered in 2020 and 2021.

Deadline for all nominations/submissions is February 15th each year.

The Past Presidents' Committee is responsible for choosing all award recipients from the submitted nominations for each award. All nomination forms are available on this page.

Please click here to download the list of Awards & Scholarships for printing and sharing.

For more information, please contact:
Russ Tanner, Interim Past President
Email: russ.tanner@coaldale.ca

Award recipients are given a complimentary conference registration so that they may attend the Awards Banquet.

Don Moore Scholarship
The Don Moore Scholarship award of $1,500.00 is available to an Alberta student completing any year of studies in a recognized program for the operation of recreation services at an Alberta post-secondary institution. The student demonstrates excellence in their course grades, as well as personal qualities, that would indicate the promise of success in the recreation field. The student is not required to be a member.
      Online Application Form

In 2018, the Instructor of the Year Award was presently posthumously to the Lloyd Smith family.Lloyd Smith Instructor of the Year Award
The Lloyd Smith Instructor of the Year Award recognizes a current instructor with the association who, through their actions, goes over and above to show their commitment to their students and the association. The award recipient must be a member in good standing with the Association. Any student or fellow instructor in good standing can nominate an instructor for this award.
      Online Nomination Form

Bruce Fowlow Memorial Facility Operator of the Year Award
The Bruce Fowlow Memorial Facility Operator of the Year Award is presented to an individual, or group of individuals, who has/have made a significant contribution to the operation and management of recreation facilities within the Province of Alberta.
      Online Nomination Form

William Metcalfe Award
The William Metcalfe Award acknowledges an individual, group or organization who has/have made a significant contribution in the field of recreation facility operation and management or facility design. Contributions may include examples such as an invention or development of equipment or accessories, outstanding volunteer effort, or a significant effort in the area of research.
      Online Nomination Form

Charles Mousseau Associates' Award
The Charles Mousseau Associates’ Award is presented to an Associate Member, for an individual or company demonstrating a positive contribution serving the membership. The recipient will have demonstrated a consistent, positive approach to providing consultative services, product promotion and customer satisfaction.
      Online Nomination Form

Memorial Plaque
The Memorial Plaque is to honour members of the association who have passed away and are recognized by fellow members for their contribution to the betterment of recreation.
      Online Application Form

Student Achievement Awards
Nine Scholarship Achievement Awards are presented annually to RFP members, and are based on top marks in each course. If there is a tie for the top mark in a course, the immediate Past President will contact the students involved and ask them to submit an essay. A winner will then be chosen by the Past Presidents' Committee based on the submitted essays. All award winners will be notified by the immediate Past President.

The Award recipients receive a plaque, free registration to the RFP conference to accept the award, a banquet ticket for a guest, and a cheque for $250. The presentation is made at the annual awards banquet during the conference.

  • Swimming Pool Operator Level 1 (Certified)
  • Swimming Pool Operator Level 2 (Advanced)
  • Arena Operator Level 1
  • Arena Operator Level 2
  • Parks & Sports Field Operator 1
  • Parks & Sports Field Operator 2
  • Building Maintenance Level 1
  • Building Maintenance Level 2
  • Leadership Skills

The Certificate of Recognition is presented to individuals who have achieved the highest marks in any of the associations' sponsored training courses.

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