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Asset Management Software Program Free to AARFP Members
Posted February 6, 2018
The Alberta Association Recreation Facility (AARFP), in collaboration with the Ontario Recreation Facility Association (ORFA), and Marmak Information Technologies has customized a user-friendly software application called Recreation Facilities Asset Management (RFAM) based on Ontario's successful Municipal DataWorks (MDW) asset repository program. Details Here.

Pool Standards Updated in 2018
Posted January 30, 2018
Pool Operators - The Alberta Pool Standards July 2014 (amended 2017) were adopted on August 24, 2017 under the Public Swimming Pools Regulation. The document is here for your information and use. For additional information on the Pool Standards please refer to Alberta Health.

Leisure Lines Member Newsletter

Leisure Lines is the official newsletter of the Alberta Association of Recreation Facility Personnel, published four times per year. To contribute articles, please contact the Editor at the AARFP office.AARFP publishes a quarterly newsletter, Leisure Lines. This is a great publication that helps keep our members informed on the latest technologies and innovations in the industry. Along with archives of previous issues, the Winter 2017/2018 issue is now available to our members.

All current members with a valid email address on file at the RFP Office will be notified by email that it has been posted on the homepage. If you have not received an email advising you of this, and you are a current member of RFP, please contact the office at office@aarfp.com so we can update your email address in our database to ensure you will not miss any upcoming notices.


What's in the latest issue?

  • What is RFP's Master Certificate?
  • 2018 Course Schedule & Registration
  • Associate Membership
  • Black Diamond Goes Green Click here to log into your membership account.
  • Workplace Fatalities: The Impact on Coworkers
  • New Facility for Spray Lakes
  • Quebec Town forbids nudity in change rooms
  • Alberta Cannabis Framework
  • News from ARPA
  • Scholarships & Awards
  • And more!

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Canada Infrastructure Report Card - Posted Nov 13, 2014
Snow Loading & Roof Failures Alert - Posted Jan 25, 2014
Regular Structural Inspections Are Key - Posted Jan 25, 2014

The information and recommendations contained in these articles are provided voluntarily and in good faith. They are derived from experience, information and sources that are believed to be reliable and accurate at the time of publication. The information is shared solely for information purposes only. Users of the information are to exercise their own judgment with respect to its use. The Alberta Association of Recreation Facility Personnel (AARFP), employees and agents disclaim liability for any claims, actions, demands or suits that may arise by reason of any person relying on the information contained in this document, and more particularly, without limiting the generality of the foregoing, the AARFP and associates disclaim liability for the appropriateness of the recommendations or information.

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