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Mermaid tails propel safety concerns at Alberta pools
Posted May 11, 2015

WHO puts drowning on public health agenda
Posted Nov 17, 2014

Canada Infrastructure Report Card
Posted Nov 13, 2014

Snow Loading & Roof Failures Alert
Posted Jan 25, 2014

Regular Structural Inspections Are Key
Posted Jan 25, 2014

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Our What's New section includes articles that directly affect our operators like courses, regulations, grants. NHL Greener Rinks Initiative
Posted December 5, 2016
Through the NHL Greener Rinks Initiative™, the League is on a mission to measure and evaluate the environmental impact of the greater hockey community. Rink owners and operators are being asked to assist by completing a survey. You will then be joining the NHL in its mission to promote more environmentally sustainable business practices. The questions asked require intimate knowledge of the arena; the NHL is asking owners or those in managerial or engineering roles to complete this survey. As a thank you, upon submission you will receive one 40% discount on one order from shop.nhl.com. On to the Survey.

Investing in our National Parks
Posted April 11, 2016
The Government is committed to preserving and expanding our national parks, national marine conservation areas and historic sites and to making them more accessible to Canadians. To achieve this, Budget 2016 provides significant new investments. Learn more here.

Healthy Vending Toolkit
Posted March 11, 2016
Vending is a key part of a healthy eating environment as it may be the only food offered when other food is unavailable. Healthy vending can help make the healthier food choice the easy choice. Check out Alberta Health Services' "Healthy Vending Toolkit" here.

Updated RecFocus Modules
Posted February 1, 2016
The Excellence Series is back, and better than ever! In 2016, Alberta Recreation and Parks Association are pleased to be launching their brand new "RecFocus: Arenas". Plus, an updated "RecFocus: Indoor Pools" is now also open for registration! These programs measure your facilities' management, finances, programming, policies, and staffing and compare it to other communities, helping you identify areas of improvement and discover best practices. Registration & More Information Here

Canada-Alberta Job Grant
Recreation employers can now apply for the Canada-Alberta Job Grant, an employer-driven training program. Employers decide who gets training and what type of training may be needed for new and existing employees. This Grant will help employers develop workers to suit their needs and provide people with the jobs they need to succeed.

AARFP Courses qualify! While the eligibility criteria states a minimum of a 24 hour course is required for the training, RFP has assurance that our members can combine our regular 16 hour courses to equal that 24 hours, and therefore, their employers will still qualify for this grant. For more information, e-mail Stuart Ray. (Unfortunately, this grant is not available to municipalities.)

Pool Standards
Posted January 12, 2015
The Pool Standards, July 2014 (Pool Standards) are established under the authority of the Public Health Act and the Public Swimming Pools Regulation. They have been developed in consultation with the pool industry, pool operators and public health officials from Alberta.

Leisure Lines Member Newsletter

Leisure Lines is the official newsletter of the Alberta Association of Recreation Facility Personnel, published four times per year. To contribute articles, please contact the Editor at the AARFP office.AARFP publishes a quarterly newsletter, Leisure Lines. This is a great publication that helps keep our members informed on the latest technologies and innovations in the industry. Along with archives of previous issues, the Summer 2017 issue is now available to our members.

All current members with a valid email address on file at the RFP Office will be notified by email that it has been posted on the homepage. If you have not received an email advising you of this, and you are a current member of RFP, please contact the office at office@aarfp.com so we can update your email address in our database to ensure you will not miss any upcoming notices.


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  • Safe Practice for Chlorine Gas Injector Installation
  • The Utility of Sanitation Technology
  • More Natural Turf Stewardship
  • 40th Annual Conference a Stellar Success
  • Flashback: There is no Future Without a Past Click here to log into your membership account.
  • Award Winners & Long Service Certificates
  • Team Vie for Glory
  • AARFP Symposium in Stettler
  • And more!

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